Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents are common occurrences throughout the Chicago area. A number of challenges are presented to drivers on a daily basis that may lead to automobile accidents including traffic congestion, construction work, distracted drivers, and other issues. A motor vehicle accident can lead to devastating losses for auto accident victims and their families.

A number of people choose to place their trust in insurance providers when it comes to receiving compensation for these types of accidents; however, the primary focus of insurance companies is on profits and not always on the best interest of their clients. Insurance providers are often focused on paying accident victims the least amount possible for their injuries. Without the assistance of an attorney many victims settle claims for significantly less than what their case is worth, even leaving some with out of pocket expenses such as costs for necessary medical care. If you are or a loved one becomes seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, it may be necessary to contact an experienced injury lawyer who will work to get you a fair settlement for your claim.

The accident lawyers of Cooney & Conway are highly experienced at successfully negotiating settlements for vehicle accidents as well as litigating cases that go to trial. Your case is important, and having the support of a trusted motor vehicle accident lawyer can help ensure that insurance companies do not cheat you out of the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income, and other damages accrued after an accident. Cooney & Conway car accident lawyers provide aggressive representation for every case we take on. We handle each case with compassion and integrity, which has earned us the respect of clients as well as other firms nationwide who request our services.

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