Professional Negligence - We represent clients with claims of professional negligence against lawyers, accountants, and other professionals. Professional negligence has occurred when the professional breaches his/her duty of care and damages have resulted to the plaintiff. If you believe that you are a victim of professional negligence, please give us a call today. A brief discussion of legal negligence is provided below.

What is Legal Negligence?

  • Legal negligence or legal malpractice is a serious matter involving the breach of a duty owed by a lawyer to a client resulting in damage to the client. Legal negligence is the failure to do something that a reasonably careful lawyer would do, or the doing of something a reasonably careful lawyer would not do under the circumstances.

What is not Legal Negligence?

  • The mere fact that you lost your case, or you lost an asset or a legal right, is not by itself negligence. If you have questions reagarding legal malpractice, call Cooney and Conway or contact us through our website.