Asbestos still killing 5,000 Britons each year, 20 years after ban

Two decades after banning asbestos in England, the toxic mineral continues to kill thousands of Britons every year, a new report released by the UK’s Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). The report said that over 130 companies or individuals have been cited for non-compliance with asbestos regulations and ordered to stop operations.

Asbestos is present in at least 500,000 buildings in England built before 1999 and continues to kill 5,000 people in the country yearly.

“It is unacceptable that 20 years on from asbestos being banned in Britain, organizations are still potentially putting at risk the lives of employees, their families and other members of the public,” IOSH chief executive Bev Messinger told The Telegraph.

“Thousands die in Britain every year from cancers like mesothelioma, while many more are diagnosed with it. All this is preventable through good occupational safety and health. It is time for organizations to wake up and realize how dangerous asbestos is. There are no excuses."


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