Road trip safety tips for Labor Day weekend

With Labor Day fast approaching and signaling an end to summer, many people across the country are planning weekend getaways. The holiday weekend is for many a time to travel and soak up summer activities one last time before temperatures start falling. As we plan our trips, the last thing on most of our minds is the potential danger of being out on the roads. But as a sobering reminder, the National Safety Council (NSC) predicts that over 40,000 people will be injured in motor vehicle accidents this holiday weekend.

Each year, there is a spike in traffic accidents and fatalities as more people take to the roads over the long holiday weekend. And this year, it is anticipated that even more Americans will be on the roads than usual. AAA attributes this to less expensive gas compared to years past, and also to upturned consumer confidence. According to their predictions, around 30 million people will be on the roads over the holiday weekend. This accounts for almost 86% of total weekend travelers.

Wearing seatbelts could prevent many automobile deaths. The NSC estimates that nearly 150 lives will be preserved over the course of the weekend, thanks to seatbelts. A few other safety tips to keep in mind as you prepare for the long weekend:

  • Before you start out on a trip, make sure that your vehicle is in good condition, and see that any necessary maintenance is performed.
  • Just as adults and kids should always wear a seat belt, infants should always be properly secured in car seats.  
  • Be sure to follow all traffic laws while on the road, and use extra caution while driving in construction zones.
  • Be vigilant about paying attention to the road, and avoid distractions such as cell phones. Even just a momentary look away from the road can drastically increase your chances of a crash.
  • Be mindful of other vehicles on the road and remember to keep a safe distance between your vehicle and others. Keep in mind that semi-trucks, for example, require more time to come to a stop than cars do, and have large blind spots.

With a little precaution, we can all help to make the journey a little safer for everyone this holiday weekend.

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