Senators Call for Investigation into Sterigenics

Sterigenics front of building, front door

Community officials in Willowbrook and the surrounding suburbs have joined in calling for an immediate shutdown of Sterigenics, a product sterilization company which has been found to be emitting ethylene oxide, a toxic chemical that has been on the federal list of human carcinogens since 1985. U.S. Senators Dick Durbin and Tammy Duckworth have demanded an investigation.

Citing a local news outlet’s investigative report, Durbin called for action on the floor of the United State Senate.

“Ex-employees of Sterigenics came forward and reported to this television station that ethylene oxide was often released directly into the air surrounding the plant through open doors and vents,” Durbin said.

Residents of Willowbrook and other nearby communities have been calling for Sterigenics to cease operations since learning last summer that the company was venting the potentially harmful chemical. Willowbrook, Darien, and Western Springs have asked state and county attorneys to seek a temporary restraining order to have Sterigenics immediately suspend operations in two buildings near Route 83 and Midway Drive. The Hinsdale Village Board has put forth a resolution requesting Sterigenics to stop operations using ethylene oxide and not resume until better and verifiable safeguards are in place.

Filing an Ethylene Oxide Lawsuit

Area residents who suspect they are suffering with health issues related to the exposure of ethylene oxide from the Sterigenics’ facility in Willowbrook may be entitled to recover damages for current and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

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