Who doesn’t love music? And there’s nothing better than putting away the records and mp3 players, shutting off the stereo, and hitting the road to see a favorite band live. A live music show is a whole different experience compared to listening to your stereo. 

These days there’s over 220 music festivals to choose from every year. But staying safe at music festivals by avoiding certain activates, and others who aren’t as interested in staying safe, is something you need to think about if you plan to attend a music festival anytime soon.

Drugs are known to be prevalent at music festivals. One study found that well over half of attendees at one festival were under the influence. While under the influence, a lot can happen, including becoming injured after becoming disoriented.  As for alcohol, you put yourself at higher risk of heatstroke and dehydration while outside at these music festivals.

Crime is also a concern, and not just getting your backpack stolen. An incredible 14% of music festival attendees have been a victim of theft. And while getting things stolen, there’s much worse that can happen.

Keep your phone close, and your friends closer, and never leave your drink out of view, where it can be drugged. This can help prevent any unsafe situations at music festivals as well.

Additional Safety Tips

The sun feels nice, but can cause you problems. Besides dehydration, sunstroke and sun burn, the harsh UV rays can harm your eyes. So keep covered up (as much as you can) and wear sunscreen, drink water, and spend some time in the shade.

The one thing you really need to hear? It’s about your ears. Bring a pair of earplugs to music festivals to minimize the damage that the incredibly loud music can cause- it can last a lifetime.

There're more dangers to learn about, and more ways to stay safe. If you’re heading out to a music festival soon, take a look at the infographic and make sure you have a safe time, and come home happy.