This Week in Mesothelioma and Asbestos News
Susan Macgregor (pictured) developed mesothelioma by hugging her father throughout her childhood when he was wearing overalls covered in asbestos.

Cooney & Conway scours news outlets and wire services from across the country and around the world to find the most interesting and informative news stories related to mesothelioma and the asbestos industry.

This week read the sad story of a mother in England who died from mesothelioma caused by hugging her pipe fitter father as a child, the banning the importing of asbestos products in Oman, a single mother becoming one of the youngest victims of mesothelioma at 34 years old, and much more.


U.K. mom dies from mesothelioma caused from hugging her dad as a child

Susan Macgregor developed mesothelioma caused by hugging her father when he was wearing overalls after coming home from his job as a pipe fitter.


City declares former Nestle site an ‘imminent danger’

This Week in Mesothelioma and Asbestos News
(Photo by NM Electronics LLC)

The Fulton (NY) Common Council declared a former Nestles site “an imminent danger” after a long demolition process left structurally compromised buildings and remaining asbestos.


Oman bans import of asbestos products

The Minister of Trade for Oman has announced a ban on any import of products containing asbestos.


Single mother among youngest to die from asbestos-related cancer

Tragic Kirsty List
Tragic Kirsty List

Tragic Kirsty List has become one of the youngest people to have died from asbestos-related cancer at the age of 34. The origins of her mesothelioma remain a mystery.


Reports: Asbestos levels at R.I. schools within limits

Demolition plans remain in motion for two elementary schools in North Providence, R.I., following environmental concerns about a potential cancer cluster at one of the sites.


Asbestos release costs businessman $7.8 million, 5 years in prison

Failure to remove asbestos before demolishing a Cleveland factory will cost a Cleveland businessman nearly five years in prison and $7.8 million.

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