Catastrophic Injury LawyerThe team of highly respected and experienced attorneys at Cooney & Conway represent individuals and family members of those involved in accidents resulting in serious or catastrophic injuries. When these unexpected devastating life events happen, you need a qualified and respected catastrophic injury lawyer to make sure you get the maximum compensation you and your loved ones deserve.

Catastrophic injuries can be life-changing events with long-lasting devastating effects on victims and their families. At Cooney & Conway, attorneys and support staff understand the financial, physical, and emotional toll these types of injuries can take.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Represents Victims and Families

If you or a loved one is a victim of a catastrophic injury been injured in an aviation accident, or suffered the loss of a loved one, contact the Chicago injury lawyers of Cooney & Conway immediately for a free consultation about your case. Call 800-322-5573 today to speak with a qualified representative.

Cooney & Conway represents individuals or family members of individuals involved in serious or catastrophic injuries resulting from events including, but not limited to, the following:

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Catastrophic injuries result in such horrific results as paralysis and amputation, which are intensely traumatic and life-changing events. Pain and suffering can consist of both the physical disabling of victim, as well as the emotional trauma both the victims and families must deal with. You and your loved ones need the experience and attitude to navigate the complex process of person injury litigation.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Experienced Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Consult and Representation

Victims and family members of those involved in serious accidents resulting in catastrophic injury need consultation and representation from the Chicago personal injury lawyers of Cooney & Conway. Call 800-322-5573 today to contact a qualified representative.