Prescription Error AttorneyStatistics suggest that more than 50 million prescription errors are made in the U.S. each year. These types of medical mistakes can include:

  • Administering the wrong medication to patients
  • Giving patients an inaccurate dosage
  • Mislabeling products
  • Not obtaining information on medications a patient may currently be taking to ensure there is no adverse interaction
  • A drug maker withholding information about potential risks or side effects
  • And other actions that may have harmful effects for patients

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Prescription Errors Can Lead to Serious Injuries and Illness

Prescription Error AttorneyPrescription errors can lead to serious injury or illness in patients. Many people rely on daily prescription medications for serious health conditions, and going without or unknowingly substituting a needed medication with one that is not needed can be fatal.

Although pharmacies have a system of checking and verifying prescriptions for the prevention of potentially dangerous errors, mistakes still occur, therefore it is important for those taking prescription medications to inquire about any concerns they may have immediately. Pharmacies typically offer counseling sessions to help patients understand what kind of medication they are taking, its risks and benefits, the correct way to take it, and other important information.

Medication errors that lead to serious illness or injury may warrant the filing of a personal injury claim to recover damages that may result.

Prescription Error Attorney

Prescription Error Attorney Assist Victims of Pharmaceutical Errors

The Chicago prescription error attorneys of Cooney & Conway can assist victims of pharmaceutical errors to take necessary legal action to be compensated for damages related to their injuries. We have the resources available to conduct a proper investigation and determine liability of physicians, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies, and others who may be at fault.

Those injured may be entitled to monetary compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, future medical care, emotional trauma, and other damages.

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