Cooney & Conway has proven experience with police misconduct cases. We are experienced in defending victims of police brutality and civilians who fall victim to civil rights violations at the hands of the police.

The news is flooded with instances of civilians being severely injured or even killed during interactions with the police. Referred to as police misconduct, these situations can occur with both on and off-duty officers. Bystanders can be injured or killed by errant bullets, reckless driving of police automobiles, or police brutality or use of excessive force. Police officers work under pressure, and if they react too quickly or are careless or reckless in their conduct, in many cases they can be held liable for their actions.


Our Experience with Police Misconduct Cases

Cooney & Conway successfully settled a landmark case involving the Code of Silence. In this case, two young men were killed when an off-duty police officer with a history of drunk driving and violence drove under the influence and caused a crash that killed the two young male clients. Cooney & Conway, successfully argued that the Code of Silence within the Chicago Police Department enabled the off-duty Detective to continue to drive drunk, which emboldened his conduct and resulted in the tragedy.

Police misconduct cases are often immensely complex, and our experience with this litigation is unparalleled. Contact Cooney & Conway today toll-free at 800-322-5573, or fill out the Free Case Evaluation form below and our dedicated team will be in touch with you shortly.

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