This firm was very professional, extremely knowledgeable about the background information needed to try our case and very timely in filing our suit. The case was very emotionally sensitive for me and they were very thoughtful and accommodating, something that I deeply appreciated. We were especially impressed by Devitt Cooney's ability to respond to our questions and move the suit along so quickly. He also was very experienced in handling our type of case.

We highly recommend this firm. We couldn't have been more pleased with the service that we received.

Connie D.

Great people to do business with. Never disappointed.

Edwin F.

Cooney and Conway have been handling my dad's asbestos case and have done a wonderful job since day one even after the passing of my father back in November of 2019 they have been wonderful to work with. They do everything they can to help you out. Yes, some things of the process may be slow but they communicate very well about what is going on whether it be via phone calls or emails.

They answer any questions you may have about your case. I wouldn't want any other lawyer. You just got to be patient cause certain cases take longer than others it just all depends on your situation. You got to remember they have to deal with the other parties involved in the case too and judges as well. But like I said before I wouldn't want any other firm Cooney and Conway have been amazing for me and my family.


Cooney & Conway is handling my dad's asbestos case and they've gotten us the most money possible. I'm very satisfied with their services

Heather D.

Excellent attorneys.

Helen W.

Very quick to respond to my questions.

Mike M.

Outstanding Professional Client Services based Law Firm (beyond Exemplary).

Myles W.

Ryan Linsner is of exceptional character. A man to be trusted completely. who gives his legal representation and thoroughness in my case desired results. Know, truthfully, I highly recommend the service of Cooney and Conway. A firm valued service to the Chicagoland area.

Paul K.

Without a doubt, this was the absolute best law firm our family could have called. Prompt polite is an understatement. The staff as a whole are obviously the best in their field. Our family thanks Cooney & Conway with all of our hearts. 

Sam Melvin