Possible Asbestos Exposure for Steel Mill Workers

When you think of asbestos-related illnesses and the people who are most at risk, steel mill workers may not be the first group to come to mind. After all, asbestos is not used at all in the actual steel-making process. Nevertheless, steel mills rely on heat, including furnaces and ovens, and are at risk for fires. For these reasons, asbestos was once used extensively throughout the mills.

The Boilermaker’s Profession

The repair, construction, assembly and outfitting of boilers— were all in a day’s work for a boilermaker. Responsible for fixing gaskets, installing, testing and inspecting boilers for safety, their work can often be dangerous and involve intensive labor.  Due to the longevity of boilers—with average life spans of over 50 years—boilermakers are responsible for their constant repair and maintenance. It is especially important that the boilermakers of today take extra caution when repairing old boilers, as the possibility of coming into contact with asbestos insulation still exists.
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