Motor Vehicle Accidents

Can I Sue if I've Been Hit by a Semi-Truck?

Being hit by or involved in a semi-truck accident can be traumatizing, as semi-trucks are massive, heavy vehicles that can cause serious damage. Besides the usual damage done to vehicles in these accidents, there are typically severe physical injuries sustained by those involved. Victims of these crashes often wonder if they can sue for these injuries after they've been hit, and the answer is usually "yes"! It can depend on your unique situation.

Your Guide to Trucking Accident Settlements

Getting in a commercial trucking accident can be devastating to those affected. Most of the time, they are catastrophic and change a person's life drastically. Commercial trucks are massive and can cause a lot of damage, including injuries, property losses, and even loss of life. And the thought of pursuing a trucking accident settlement after the fact can be intimidating, to say the least. Large trucking companies tend to have seemingly endless financial resources and tough lawyers in their pockets.

Economic and Societal Impact of Car Accidents [New Study]

For well over 130 years, the automobile has steadily remained one of the greatest inventions our society has ever created. Sadly, this invention has come with a horrific amount of accidents, which has left a major impact on the United States economy in several different ways. However, modern technology has made a few to zero accident rate a possible and realistic goal in the upcoming future.

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