5 Ways a Mesothelioma Attorney Can Help You

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Receiving a mesothelioma diagnosis can be both scary and overwhelming. While taking care of your health is a top priority, there also comes a time when you need to consider the legal and financial aspects of your diagnosis. Unfortunately, medical treatments for mesothelioma can be exceptionally costly, and life expectancy following a diagnosis is often quite short. Pursuing financial compensation from the responsible parties may help you offset your healthcare expenses and provide your family with financial stability. 

An experienced mesothelioma attorney can help you explore your options. If you decide to move forward with legal action, your attorney can handle every step of the process for you, helping to minimize disruption to your life and ensuring you receive the maximum compensation for your case.  It’s important to note that not all attorneys have the knowledge and experience needed to properly pursue a mesothelioma case. Choosing the right mesothelioma lawyer can help you in a variety of ways. Here's a look at a few of the most important. 

1. Explain Your Rights and Options

After being diagnosed with mesothelioma, most people have the same common questions. It's normal to wonder how you may have been exposed to asbestos in the first place, whether you’re eligible to file a lawsuit, and what to expect if you do. 

A lawyer specializing in mesothelioma cases can answer all of your legal questions, ensuring you understand your rights and helping you decide on the best course of action. Since each person's circumstances are different, having access to sage advice during this stressful time in your life can be invaluable. 

2. Accurately Value Your Claim

With any personal injury claim, determining the value of your damages can be challenging. This is particularly true for mesothelioma lawsuits. Not only does accurately valuing a claim require calculating economic damages, such as medical expenses, but it’s also necessary to put a dollar amount on non-economic issues, like pain and suffering.

An experienced mesothelioma lawyer already has a solid understanding of how these calculations are made, as well as other important information such as the average settlement offer and past case results. This knowledge can help ensure that you ask for an amount sufficient to cover your past and future damages. Once the value of your case has been determined, your attorney can draft and file a legal complaint against the parties responsible for your asbestos exposure.

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3. Build Evidence

To pursue a mesothelioma case, it’s necessary to document the source of your asbestos exposure. If your work required you to have direct contact with asbestos-containing products (ACPs), then you may already know how you were exposed. However, many people aren’t sure about the ACPs they’ve been in contact with or where the exposure may have occurred.

An experienced mesothelioma attorney can help you identify the ACPs you may have been exposed to and look for connections by investigating your work history. If your past co-workers were exposed in the same place, your attorney may find that other lawsuits have already been filed, further strengthening your case.

In addition to targeting the source of your exposure, it’s also necessary to prove the severity of your condition and the extent of losses it has caused. Your mesothelioma attorney will know exactly how to build your case. This often requires gathering and reviewing documents such as your medical records, test results, medical bills, work history, earnings records, and more.

Experienced mesothelioma attorneys also have the knowledge, connections, and resources to locate and hire experts such as industrial hygienists, medical experts, and others who can provide testimony to support your claims.

4. Manage Your Litigation Strategy

In civil cases, there are often multiple defendants. Each defendant has the legal right to request evidence, ask for written statements about your asbestos exposure, and take depositions. Some will also file motions for summary judgment.

Your mesothelioma lawyer will help prevent you from getting overwhelmed by responding to legal challenges on your behalf, producing requested evidence, and coordinating depositions. An experienced attorney can also recognize procedural mistakes, ensure you’re not providing defendants with the information they’re not entitled to, and help you understand whether a settlement offer is reasonable. If you're unable to reach a fair settlement with the defendants, your attorney will also fight for your rights in court. 

By hiring the right attorney, you’ll have the assurance that your rights are being protected throughout every stage of the process. Your attorney will stand up for you and make sure the defendants and their legal representatives do not mislead or take advantage of you. 

5. Address Bankruptcy Claims

Some mining companies, suppliers, manufacturers, and others who have been held liable for asbestos exposure have gone through bankruptcy. This means they can no longer be sued through the regular court system. However, many of the companies that have gone through this process have also established bankruptcy trusts. Your mesothelioma attorney can prepare the necessary evidence, submit your bankruptcy claim, and follow up to ensure it receives the attention it deserves.

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