President Lyndon Johnson prepares to open a press conference in the Cabinet room of the White House on Feb. 2, 1968 (AP)

Fifty years ago this month, the USS Pueblo and its 83 crew members were attacked and captured by North Korea while drifting in international waters off the North Korea coast. The men were taken hostage, beaten, and tortured for 11 months while the U.S. government tried to figure out how to ensure their safe return. On the anniversary of Pueblo’s capture, NPR’s David Welna chronicled the “audacious capture” and the incredible story behind what has been described as “the worst intelligence loss in modern history.”

Last fall, Cooney & Conway represented three surviving USS Pueblo crewmembers and the family of a deceased commander, recovering $9 million in the case pursuant to the Justice for Victims of State Sponsored Terrorism Act.



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