Jeans and Jerseys Charity Challenge

American Red Cross image

On Friday, November 22, Cooney and Conway went casual for a cause by holding a “Jeans and Jerseys Charity Challenge” to raise relief funds for victims of the recent severe storms in Illinois. 

Employees who made a donation to the American Red Cross sported jeans with jerseys or t-shirts representing their favorite athletic team in a show of their support to the cause.

The severe weather, which included tornadoes that wrecked homes, killed six people, and left close to 40 people injured, swept through the Midwest on Sunday, November 17.  According to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, post-storm assessments show that over 2,400 homes in the state sustained damage.  Much of the town of Washington, Illinois was left in ruins in the wake of the storm. 

Cooney and Conway wanted to help.  The firm set a goal to raise at least $500 in relief from support staff.  The firm’s partners were then challenged to match the amount donated by employees.  In the end, staff members surpassed the goal by collecting $795; the partners rose to the challenge and matched this amount 100%.  In all, Cooney and Conway donated a gift of $1,590 to the Red Cross.          

By providing shelter, water, food, and medical care to disaster victims, the Red Cross ensures that basic human needs are met in the wake of tragedy.  The organization relies on donations to carry out its work.

Please visit the Red Cross website for more information on how you can help, from making donations and volunteering to becoming an advocate for the organization.