What to Look for In a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer

Injured woman with arm in cast and wearing a neck brace, visiting lawyer

There are over 1.33 million lawyers in the United States, 94,000+ of which are registered in Illinois. With this many options available, it can be difficult to know how to choose which lawyer or law firm to work with. To find the right lawyer for the job, you'll need to find someone who:

  1. Can operate legally in your state and understands state laws
  2. Has experience with cases like yours or has related experience in personal injury litigation
  3. Has the right skill set to set your case up for success and has the qualities to make your experience positive

If a lawyer or law firm doesn't align with these, then you could be looking at a big headache and a drawn-out legal process. Let's take a look at the specific qualities and skills you want to look for in a personal injury lawyer.

Good Communication and People Skills

Having a lawyer who communicates well with you and within legal environments is essential. It's their job to keep you informed on the process, progress, and outcome of your case. It's also their job to represent you to other lawyers, judges, juries, and others in a succinct, professional, persuasive, and positive way. They need to be able to communicate "on paper" as well, writing clearly and concisely. They are responsible for producing many legal documents on your behalf. If they lack communication skills, they won't be able to articulate what they need to effectively, possibly causing confusion or ultimately losing your case.

Being able to communicate and connect with other human beings on a real, authentic level is important, especially if you're going to be before a jury. Being personable and persuasive can go a long way in a courtroom.

Research and Analytical Skills

Your lawyer must be able to absorb large amounts of information and make connections to build your case. They need to be able to research, analyze, and understand all of the information relating to your personal injury case. Then they need to be able to distill that information into a concise and articulate presentation on your behalf. Using the facts at hand is essential for them to create a strong case for you. They should be able to provide you with options that keep your best interest in mind.

Sound Judgement and Ethical Behavior

Choosing a lawyer with good judgment and who acts ethically will always prove to serve you better than one that doesn't. If you have a case involving moral values, try finding a lawyer with similar moral values so that you know you're on the same page. A lawyer who acts with integrity is vital for ethical reasons and because any dishonest conduct could lose your case!

Empathy and Compassion

Knowing that your lawyer cares about the outcome of your case because they genuinely care about you and your situation means everything. Knowing you aren't just money to them or another trophy case in their professional career is important. You want someone who is committed to your case because they empathize with you and aren't just motivated by a payday. It will give you more peace through the process!

By demonstrating high emotional intelligence, a lawyer can handle your case in a way that shows empathy and compassion for everyone involved, and they will typically have a greater drive to win the case on your behalf. They should be committed to defending your best interests.


Assertive is not the same as aggressive. You want an assertive lawyer, not an aggressive one. Assertive lawyers make themselves heard while also maintaining respect for others. An aggressive lawyer will typically attack and ignore the opinions of others in favor of their own. They tend to lack compassion, empathy, people skills, and effective communication skills, none of which you can afford to lack in a lawyer that is representing you.

Creative Thinking and Attention to Detail

Having a lawyer that can think analytically and pay attention to detail is very needed, but having that combined with someone who can think outside the box can also be handy. Being able to creatively solve problems with the facts that are before them is one of the qualities of truly great lawyers. They don't just see things as they are, they see things for what they could be-and they can present them convincingly.

Are you ready to work with personal injury lawyers at a law firm that exemplifies these qualities and will always have your back? Submit our free case evaluation to get started.