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While every victim’s story is unique, the patterns of systemic abuse and institutional indifference are similar. For decades, Clergy, Scout leaders, caretakers, coaches, physicians, childcare workers, public and private school teachers, and other adults have preyed upon children.  Many times their organizations had a history of child abuse or knew of its existence in groups similar to their own. They did not take the abuse seriously and act to prevent the abuse.  A multitude of institutions negligently allowed thousands of children to fall prey to sexual predators.  

The emotional, physical, and psychological trauma that comes from being a victim of sexual abuse can last a lifetime, and obtaining justice against an abuser takes courage.

Many victims of sexual abuse experience symptoms long after the abuse has ended, including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, difficulty forming relationships of trust and intimacy, and even thoughts of suicide.  Often victims struggle with addiction, have difficulty with their marriages, in school, and their careers. 

Victims of sexual abuse and misconduct are able to file civil lawsuits to recover compensation for their injuries due to the wrongdoing of others.  We are working diligently to file sexual abuse and misconduct cases around the country so our clients have access to justice that they so rightly deserve.

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If you or your child were sexually abused you may be able to file a case to hold the perpetrators and the institutions that enabled and protected them accountable for the abuse and trauma you endured and its lasting effects.  

Who Can Be Sued Over Child Sexual Abuse?

Our staff of attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants have extensive experience working with survivors of sexual abuse and work hard to ensure that each survivor’s call is handled with compassion, respect, and confidentiality. If you’d like to share your story with us, you can receive a free case evaluation from one of our sexual abuse attorneys toll-free at 800-322-5573.

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Although impossible to undo these heinous acts, it is possible for victims to receive justice and fair compensation for the physical, emotional and economic toll of childhood and adolescent abuse. 

Often, the perpetrators of such offenses tend to be those in whom we place trust: our priests and pastors, our teachers, scout leaders, athletic coaches and other authority figures. In most cases the sexual abuser is someone that child has come to love and trust. 

Instances of child sexual abuse can give rise to a number of different legal actions. A common legal action taken is criminal prosecution of the abuser. However, victims (including the victim’s parents or guardians) can also turn to the civil court system. Here, they can hold the offender legally and financially liable for the harm resulting from the abuse.

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