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Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Sexual Abuse Legal Case

Chief Scout Executive for the Boy Scouts of America, James Tarr, publicly announced that sexual abuse of children “has been an issue since the Boy Scouts began” in 1910. For over a century, BSA has been aware of the widespread sexual abuse of its young scouts at the hands of countless pedophile scout leaders. Starting in the 1920s, BSA began storing confidential files on volunteers who were accused of sexually abusing boys within the organization. BSA used this “volunteer file” to quietly identify pedophiles in its ranks and attempted to keep them out of the organization. Decades later, these files were renamed the “perversion files” as they were made public during landmark lawsuits against BSA. Parents put their trust in BSA to forge strong values for their young boys, and never anticipated that same organization would cause lifelong physical, emotional, and psychological trauma to their kids.

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