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Cooney & Conway Attorneys Receive the Emerging Lawyers Award for 2021

Cooney & Conway is delighted to report that six of our team have been recognized for the 2021 Emerging Lawyers Award! This award is given to top lawyers who are age 40 and younger, or have practised law for less than 10 years. To qualify, they must have been specifically recognized by their peers as experts in their fields, which leads to less than 2% of any given state’s lawyers having been granted the award.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ridesharing

Ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft are quickly becoming the favored transportation option over taxis in population-dense cities like Chicago. In July 2017, it was reported that Uber was a more popular choice over taxis in New York City, with an average of 289,000 Uber rides per day compared to taxis 277,000 rides per day. And from 2016 to 2017, ridesharing trips increased by 37%. Since then, they've continued to rise in popularity.

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