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Construction Work and Traumatic Brain Injuries

When we picture a construction worker, we often imagine an orange-vested laborer in a bright yellow hardhat. The daily safety gear of workers in the construction industry is iconic, but do we ever truly consider the implications behind them? The fact is that construction work is not only difficult and labor-intensive but also exceedingly dangerous. Let’s discuss the main reason construction workers don those bright yellow hardhats: traumatic brain injuries.

Top Causes of Accidents on Construction Sites

The construction industry is not necessarily known for being the safest career. However, it’s considerably safer today than compared to just a few decades ago—all thanks to the implementation of strict, federally enforced regulations. Unfortunately, no amount of preparation and enforcement can completely negate human error and negligence. Let’s discuss the top causes of accidents in the construction industry.

Can I Sue if I've Been Hit by a Semi-Truck?

Being hit by or involved in a semi-truck accident can be traumatizing, as semi-trucks are massive, heavy vehicles that can cause serious damage. Besides the usual damage done to vehicles in these accidents, there are typically severe physical injuries sustained by those involved. Victims of these crashes often wonder if they can sue for these injuries after they've been hit, and the answer is usually "yes"! It can depend on your unique situation.
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